Bloomball 1: New Labyrinth Maze 2024

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Bloomball 1: New Labyrinth Maze 2024
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Bloomball 1: New Labyrinth Maze 2024

Bloomball 1: New Labyrinth Maze 2024 Game, Embark on an enchanting adventure with Bloomball, the spirited yellow sphere, as it rolls through daring mazes to save its world in "Bloomball 1: New Labyrinth Maze 2024." Join Bloomball in a quest through diverse landscapes, overcome challenges, and collect the vital life force known as Hot Ice to thwart impending darkness.

Key Features:

  • Heroic Journey: Bloomball, with its plucky and adorable appearance, is on a heroic quest to save its world. Navigate through perilous mazes set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, including the towering Barisan Mountains, the shifting Parangkusumo Sand Dunes, the ancient Carstenz Pyramid, and the fiery Ring of Fire.
  • Hot Ice Collection: Bloomball's world relies on the precious Hot Ice, a life force vital for its survival. Roll through intricate mazes to collect Hot Ice and restore balance to the realm. Encounter challenges that test Bloomball's agility and determination.
  • Diverse Landscapes: Explore diverse and visually captivating landscapes that serve as the backdrop for Bloomball's adventure. Each maze presents a unique challenge, from navigating narrow pathways to avoiding obstacles and unlocking secrets hidden within the labyrinth.
  • Agile and Determined: Despite its cute appearance, Bloomball is agile and determined. Guide Bloomball through twists and turns, masterfully overcoming obstacles, and showcasing unwavering courage in the face of impending darkness.
  • Epic Quest: Immerse yourself in an epic quest filled with mystery, adventure, and challenges. Traverse through meticulously designed mazes, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets hidden within each level.
  • Ready to Roll: Bloomball is ready to roll into adventure, and it needs your help! Control Bloomball's movements, navigate the mazes, and ensure it successfully collects Hot Ice to save its world. The journey is as thrilling as it is visually stunning.


Get ready for a maze adventure like no other with Bloomball 1: New Labyrinth Maze 2024. Join Bloomball on its courageous quest, explore captivating landscapes, and overcome challenges in this visually stunning and engaging game. Will you guide Bloomball to victory and save its world from impending darkness?

Roll into adventure with Bloomball and witness the magic of exploration, challenges, and triumph in "Bloomball 1: New Labyrinth Maze 2024"! Are you ready to navigate the mazes and become Bloomball's hero? The journey awaits!

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