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Boxes Wizard 2

Embark on a magical journey with "Boxes Wizard 2  Game," the thrilling sequel to the 2D pixel art platformer. Assume the role of a wizard endowed with teleportation and box-pushing powers as you navigate through 40 challenging levels teeming with puzzles. Immerse yourself in retro-inspired graphics and engage in an immersive gameplay experience. Get ready to master new mechanics, face tougher challenges, and emerge victorious using your magical skills!

How to Play the Game?
Wizardly Teleportation:

Harness the power of teleportation to traverse the mystical realms. Strategically teleport to different locations to outmaneuver obstacles and discover hidden paths.
Box-Pushing Mastery:

Utilize your wizard's unique ability to push boxes. Create new paths, overcome obstacles, and solve intricate puzzles by pushing boxes into strategic positions.
Swap Places with Boxes:

Swap places with boxes strategically to manipulate the environment. This magical maneuver opens up new possibilities, allowing you to navigate through challenging levels with ease.
40 Challenging Levels:

Immerse yourself in 40 levels filled with increasingly complex puzzles and obstacles. Each level presents a new challenge, testing your wizardry skills and problem-solving abilities.
Retro-Inspired Pixel Art:

Experience the nostalgia of retro-inspired pixel art graphics. The game's visual style adds charm to your magical adventure, capturing the essence of classic platformers.
Immersive Gameplay:

Engage in an immersive gameplay experience that combines wizardry, puzzle-solving, and platformer elements. Navigate through enchanting landscapes and embark on a journey filled with excitement.
Information About the Game
Sequel to a Platformer Classic:

"Boxes Wizard 2" is the thrilling sequel to a classic 2D pixel art platformer. Experience a continuation of the wizard's magical journey with enhanced mechanics and challenges.
New Mechanics and Challenges:

Master new mechanics introduced in this sequel. Face tougher challenges that will test your skills and creativity. Adapt to evolving gameplay dynamics as you progress through the levels.
Pixel Art Adventure:

Immerse yourself in the charm of pixel art graphics. The game's retro-inspired visual style adds a timeless quality to your wizard's adventure, creating a visually captivating experience.
Wizardry and Puzzle-Solving:

Embrace the role of a wizard and hone your puzzle-solving skills. Navigate through levels by combining teleportation, box-pushing, and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles.
Unleash Your Wizardry – Play Now!
"Elevate your wizardry skills, conquer challenging puzzles, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Boxes Wizard 2." Swap places, push boxes, and teleport your way to victory in this captivating pixel art platformer sequel. Are you ready to embrace the magic?

Embark on a Magical Sequel – Play Now!
"Boxes Wizard 2" invites you to embark on a magical sequel filled with challenges, puzzles, and wizardry. Play now and experience the thrill of mastering new mechanics, facing tougher challenges, and emerging victorious in this enchanting pixel art platformer!

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