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Extreme Volleyball

Get ready for a unique twist on traditional volleyball with "Extreme Volleyball Game," where players step into the metallic shoes of robots, and instead of a regular ball, there's an explosive bomb! Dive into the excitement of bomb-fueled matches as you aim to blow up the opponent's territory. Explore "How to Play the Game?" and unravel more about this electrifying variation of volleyball.

How to Play the Game?

1. Robot Selection:

Begin by selecting your robotic player, each with its unique characteristics. Customize your robot to suit your gameplay style.
2. Bomb-Fueled Matches:

Experience the thrill of volleyball with a bomb! Instead of a traditional ball, players engage in matches where the objective is to strategically explode the bomb on the opponent's territory.
3. Timing is Key:

Master the art of timing as the bomb has a fuse burning time. Aim to detonate it on the opponent's floor with precision, creating strategic plays to outsmart your robotic rivals.
4. Game Settings Customization:

Tailor your gaming experience by adjusting settings such as the number of bombs, bomb fuse burning time, game difficulty level, and even the location of your robot on the court.

Information About the Game

Robotic Volleyball: Immerse yourself in the futuristic world of robotic volleyball, where explosive matches add a thrilling twist to the classic sport.

Strategic Bomb Explosions: Plan your moves carefully as the bomb explodes upon touching the floor, after more than three contacts, or when the fuse burning time expires.

Customizable Settings: Enjoy a personalized gaming experience by tweaking various game settings to match your preferences and skill level.

"Extreme Volleyball" takes volleyball to a whole new level with explosive gameplay and robotic competitors. Download the game now and engage in high-stakes matches where timing, strategy, and bomb explosions redefine the sport! Are you ready for the volley of a lifetime?

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