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Raccoon Retail Game, Get ready for a cleanup adventure like no other in "Clean It Up!" Clumsy customers are leaving a big mess in the supermarket, and it's your job to restore order. Drive around, collect trash, and keep the supermarket clean to earn money. The faster and more efficiently you clean, the higher your revenue. Upgrade your retail store to enhance your cleanup capabilities and watch your profits soar.

How to Play the Game?
Navigate the Supermarket:

Take control of your cleanup vehicle and navigate through the bustling aisles of the supermarket. Keep an eye out for trash and messy areas that need your attention.
Collect Trash:

Clumsy customers have left a mess, and it's your responsibility to collect the trash. Drive over to the scattered items, and they'll be automatically collected. Be swift and efficient to maximize your earnings.
Empty Trash in the Dumpster:

Once your vehicle is loaded with trash, head to the dumpster to empty it. Dispose of the collected items properly to maintain a clean and organized supermarket.
Earn Money:

Your efforts are rewarded! The faster and more effectively you clean, the more money you earn. Use your earnings to upgrade and improve your retail store.
Upgrade Your Retail Store:

Enhance your cleanup capabilities by upgrading your retail store. Invest in better equipment, advanced cleaning tools, and efficiency upgrades to streamline your operations and increase profits.
Information About the Game
Supermarket Cleanup Adventure:

"Clean It Up!" offers a unique and entertaining supermarket cleanup adventure. Embrace the challenge of keeping the store spotless amidst the chaos caused by clumsy customers.
Fast-Paced Cleanup Action:

Enjoy fast-paced cleanup action as you drive through the supermarket, collecting trash, and ensuring a tidy shopping environment. The dynamic gameplay keeps you engaged and entertained.
Profitable Cleaning:

Your cleaning efforts translate into profits! The more efficiently you clean, the higher your earnings. Strategize your cleanup routes to maximize revenue and achieve high scores.
Upgradeable Retail Store:

Invest in the growth of your retail store by using your earnings to unlock upgrades. Improve your vehicle, acquire better cleaning tools, and implement efficiency upgrades to become a cleanup tycoon.
Challenging Levels:

"Clean It Up!" features challenging levels with increasing difficulty. Test your cleanup skills as you progress through various stages, adapting to new obstacles and messes left by customers.
Ready for the Cleanup Challenge?
If you're ready to take on the challenge of cleaning up after clumsy customers and turning a messy situation into a profitable venture, then "Clean It Up!" is the game for you. Dive into the world of supermarket cleanup, drive through the aisles, and show off your cleaning prowess.

Keep It Clean – Play Now!
Embark on a cleanup adventure, earn big, and upgrade your retail store to become the ultimate cleanup tycoon. Play "Clean It Up!" now and experience the thrill of turning chaos into cash in this entertaining and dynamic supermarket cleanup game. Keep it clean and make it profitable – your cleanup journey starts here!

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