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Rock Star Animal Hair Salon

Rock Star Animal Hair Salon Game, Get ready for a paw-some adventure as the jungle animals take center stage in "Animal Rock Star Makeover"! This exciting game invites you to step into the dazzling world of animal rock stars, where crazy hairstyles, vibrant colors, and stylish outfits are the name of the game. It's time to unleash your creativity and transform these adorable animals into the coolest rock sensations around!

Key Features:

  • Crazy Hair Colors and Wild Hairstyles: Dive into a world of endless possibilities with crazy hair colors and wild hairstyles. From neon shades to funky cuts, let your imagination run wild as you style your animal rock stars with flair.
  • Sparkly Makeup and Cool Tattoo Designs: Take the makeover to the next level with sparkly makeup that adds a touch of glam to your rock star animals. Experiment with cool tattoo designs to give them that edgy, rebellious vibe.
  • Hundreds of Stage Outfits: Explore a vast wardrobe filled with stage-worthy outfits. Mix and match to create the perfect ensemble for each animal. Whether it's a punk rock look or a glam diva style, the choices are endless!
  • Real Star Performers: Once your animal rock stars are styled to perfection, it's time to hit the stage! Watch as they become real star performers, captivating the audience with their musical prowess. Feel the energy of the crowd and be the mastermind behind this sensational show.
  • Become a Styling Sensation: As the go-to stylist for the jungle's hottest rock stars, your creativity knows no bounds. Makeover after makeover, you'll become a styling sensation, turning these adorable animals into trendsetting icons.


"Animal Rock Star Makeover" is not just a game; it's an immersive journey into the glitzy and glamorous world of animal rock stars. With its vibrant colors, playful themes, and a plethora of styling options, this game guarantees hours of entertainment. Are you ready to unleash the wild side and transform these jungle animals into rock sensations? The stage is set, the crowd is roaring – let the makeover madness begin!

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